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¿Es nuevo en la certificación orgánica o desea obtener la certificación y no está seguro de por dónde empezar?
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OCal’s authorizing statute required the creation of a “comparable to organic” certification program that would be repealed if federal law changed to allow organic certification of cannabis and cannabis products. Therefore, the OCal regulations were designed to adhere to NOP organic regulation and guidance, with minor modifications to clarify cannabis-specific terms, support state administration...
OCal certification follows the same steps as organic certification and can take roughly the same amount of time. You can read more on timing here.     
New cannabis operations must comply with all state cannabis regulations and licenses. Visit https://calcannabis.cdfa.ca.gov/ for more information.  Current CCOF-certified operations will be required to complete a separate OCal System Plan to describe their cannabis production. We are working to streamline...
OCal certified operations may use the CCOF Cannabis logo and the CDFA OCal Seal on their products. You may not use the word “Organic” or the USDA logo on cannabis products as this crop is not recognized as an agricultural commodity by the USDA. 
As this program is administered via the CDFA for cannabis cultivators and distributors and via the CDPH for manufacturers, only operations located in California and licensed by the Department of Cannabis Control can apply.
Federal law does not currently allow for USDA organic certification of cannabis and cannabis products.