Meet R.L. Stevenson Middle School & Get Involved with the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund

Since 2014, the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund has partnered with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom to administer the Look at Agriculture…Organically! grant program for K-8 teachers who teach their students about organic in the classroom. Each week, visit our blog to hear from the teachers who received Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund grants for their schools about the projects they funded.

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R.L. Stevenson Middle School
R.L. Stevenson Middle School received a grant to create and sustain a school learning garden--a place for exploration and creation to occur. Middle school students began their project by learning about the microorganisms that live in soil. This included building a worm composting station. Students also learned about a wide variety of seeds and grew edible plants to be used for a class salad party. After the plants went to seed, students collected them and packaged them in packets they designed. The garden continues to develop as a community space where students can read books in the afternoon. From something as simple as looking around at the plants they see in their community to trying out new and unusual vegetables, the students have fully embraced their work with much appreciation for the wonder of nature and the value of organic agriculture.
Thank you to R.L. Stevenson Middle School for sharing your organic project! 
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