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The Future Organic Farmer Grant winners were judged to have the strongest combination of commitment to leading a lifelong career in organic agriculture, investment and participation in the organic community, and dedication to growing the organic movement. Each grant recipient will receive $5,000 to apply toward their studies in organic agriculture. 

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Joseph Malone
I am an agroecology student at West Virginia University and I also work at the WVU Organic Research Farm.  This grant will be used to further my study of agroecological principles and rural development at West Virginia University, and the WVU Organic Research Farm.  My goals are to find the sustainable management practices, crops, and rotations that are best suited to the unique farming conditions found here in the Mountain State.  It is my firm conviction that small scale sustainable agriculture is the key to rebuilding West Virginia and its proud people in a post-coal world.  The decline of the coal industry has hit the WV economy hard, and I believe the development of a new, healthy land stewardship will be essential to our future, and the future of the world.  I dream of making Appalachia a symbol of land stewardship in an unforgiving landscape.
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