Marketing Resources for Farmers that Sell at Farmers’ Markets

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The CCOF Foundation’s Farmers’ Marketing: Tools for Success project is aimed at helping growers who sell at farmers’ markets finetune their marketing to increase sales and revenue. The project offers both on-line and in-person workshops for farmers and resources on organic for farmers’ market managers.

Farmer Resources 

– Webinars 

            o Recordings

                         ■ Sustainable Produce Packaging for Farms that Sell Directly to Consumers

                         ■ Assessing Crop Profitability for Farm Business Planning

                         ■ Organic 101 for Small and Midsized Farms

                         ■ Social Media Marketing for Farmers

                         ■ ​Innovative Direct Marketing for Farmers

            o Upcoming Webinars

                         ■ Check out the CCOF events’ calendar or sign up for the CCOF Newsletter to get announcements on upcoming Farmers’ Marketing webinars. 

– In-Person Workshop Presentation

            o How to Draw in Customers and Increase Revenue – Marketing Strategies and Tips for Farmers

                          ■ Download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Farmers’ Market Manager Resources 

Some local producers choose to get organic certification to draw in customers and increase their revenue. Farmers’ market managers can support their local organic producers by understanding and enforcing organic regulations at their markets. Here are some resources to share with your farmers’ market managers, produced in collaboration with the California Alliance of Farmers Markets.

- Webinars

            o Organic 101 for Market Managers

           o Organic Certification Cost Share Program for Farmers' Market Managers

- Factsheets

           o Organic at the Farmers’ Market – Farmer’s Market Best Practices (English)

           o Guía de Mejores Prácticas en los Mercados Campesinos (español)