Alert! Your Voice on Regenerative Agriculture Matters

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Written by Rebekah Weber on Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Paicines Ranch, CCOF member, uses regenerative practices in the vineyards and ranchlands beyond

The State of California is defining regenerative agriculture. So far, state officials have recommended a big-tent definition that includes a broad array of California producers. What is missing from this perspective is how a loose definition of regenerative will impact organic producers. What will it mean for California-approved regenerative products to compete with USDA organic? Especially if the standards are not comparably rigorous?

A California-endorsed definition of regenerative will have far-reaching implications—from which producers receive government resources to how a product fares in the marketplace. After all, a definition backed by the state holds weight with consumers. 

We need the state to hear from you. Your voice matters—share what it means to be an organic producer and why integrity within regenerative agriculture is important. Click below to register for a listening session:

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