What non-organic ingredients can I use in my product labeled “Made with Organic (specific ingredients)?”

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Products labeled “Made with organic…” may contain up to 30% non-organic ingredients. Non-organic ingredients must either be agricultural or on section 205.605 of the National List. Any nonagricultural ingredient or processing aid that does not appear on section 205.605 is prohibited in all organic products, including those labeled as “Made with organic…” Section 205.606 of the National List does not apply to products that are eligible for a “Made with organic…” label claim so products in this category may use any agricultural ingredient, even if it does not appear on 205.606. If a 205.606 material is in use in a “Made with organic…” product, commercial unavailability of an organic version is not required.

CCOF has compiled a comprehensive labeling and composition guide which details each label category and the specific requirements for composition.