Can CCOF help me obtain certification to the Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS)?

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Yes! CCOF has an inspection partnership with ACO Certification Ltd. (Australia Certified Organic) to offer direct JAS certification to CCOF certified operations.

Through our inspection partnership CCOF operations can apply for JAS certification with ACO and have their JAS inspection performed by CCOF inspectors. In most cases the JAS inspection can be combined with your NOP inspection, potentially saving your operation time and money.

Who should consider direct JAS certification? 

Operations located in the United States who are not working with a JAS certified importer or who want to apply their own JAS seal require direct JAS certification. As do operations located in Mexico who want to export to Japan (ACO does not offer Spanish language services at this point).

Operations that comply with the U.S./Japan or COR/Japan equivalence arrangements do not require direct JAS certification. Visit our Japan page for more information.  

Please note that CCOF operations have found JAS certification to be a time consuming and costly endeavor. We only recommended JAS certification if your operation cannot export to Japan through an equivalence. Please contact for more information

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