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Congratulations on taking the first step toward food safety certification for your organic farm! Please fill out the following information as accurately and completely as possible so that we can assemble a custom packet for you containing all of the application forms specific to your operation.

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Please identify which GLOBALG.A.P. standard you are applying for.

Please identify which Food Safety services you need.
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GLOBALG.A.P. Certifications (GFSI benchmarked)
Includes Food Safety, Traceability, Environmental Sustainability and Worker Welfare (great for exporters)
Includes Food Safety and Traceability (great for the domestic market)
GLOBALG.A.P. Assessments for Handlers
Is for stand-alone (no farm necessary) certification for post-harvest activities, such as cooling, packing, re-packing, handling, and storage of crops for human consumption.
Date needed by
Do you need your food safety audit/certification by a certain date?