Mejoramientos a MyCCOF: Búsqueda de Materiales en Español

MyCCOF: La búsqueda de materiales en español ha sido actualizada para incluir traducciones de los alcances, clasificaciones, y restricciones de materiales. Puede acceder la búsqueda de materiales en español haciendo clic en el botón Búsqueda de Materiales en MyCCOF y seleccionando "En español" en el menú en la parte superior.

MyCCOF Action Item Tracker – Respond to CCOF Requests

As of March 1, 2020, only action items that require a direct response are available in MyCCOF Action Item Tracker (Tracker). This change has been implemented to streamline Tracker and make the response process easier for you. 

You may have additional guidance or requests that must be demonstrated at your next inspection that are no longer displayed in Tracker. These items still require your attention and are available on your current Compliance Report. Always refer to your Compliance Report for a complete picture of your compliance standing.

MyCCOF Updates

Based on member feedback, we have updated the names of several areas of MyCCOF to be more intuitive.
Examples include: “Track a CCOF Supplier,” formerly called “Supplier Management;” “Company data list” is now “Choose Another Account;” and “Client Responsibility” now includes the 


MyCCOF: New and Improved Look, Help Resources, and Access to CCOF Forms

The appearance of MyCCOF has been updated to improve your experience. This includes easier to find buttons for items like your Compliance Report and Materials Search. In addition, there is now a CCOF Forms button at the top of every screen, which takes you straight to our forms page for quick access to OSP forms, manuals, and helpful documents and flyers.


Ready to Respond to Compliance Issues Through MyCCOF? Action Item Tracker (beta) is Live Today!

We’re excited to announce that our latest MyCCOF tool, Action Item Tracker (beta) is available for your use today! This new tool gives you direct access to answer your compliance action item requests from CCOF directly through MyCCOF. Read the Action Item Tracker (beta) FAQ to learn more about accessing and using the tool.