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Change to Review of Equipment Cleaners/Sanitizers and Facility Pest Control Materials

CCOF is streamlining our approach to materials that do not contact organic products in processing/handling facilities. This includes equipment cleaners, equipment sanitizers, and facility pest control materials reviewed by CCOF, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), or WSDA. CCOF will no longer add specific brand names for equipment cleaners, equipment sanitizers, and facility pest control materials to your Organic System Plan (OSP) Materials List.

NOSB Accepting Comments on the Spring 2021 Meeting Agenda Through April 21

Deadlines are approaching to submit public comments and register for oral comments for the spring 2021 National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting. We encourage CCOF members to submit public comments on the substances up for re-listing or removal from the National List of Allowed & Prohibited Substances, especially regarding substances listed on their Organic System Plan.

Crop Materials

Mejoramientos a MyCCOF: Búsqueda de Materiales en Español

MyCCOF: La búsqueda de materiales en español ha sido actualizada para incluir traducciones de los alcances, clasificaciones, y restricciones de materiales. Puede acceder la búsqueda de materiales en español haciendo clic en el botón Búsqueda de Materiales en MyCCOF y seleccionando "En español" en el menú en la parte superior.

What equipment sanitizers are effective against Coronavirus/COVID-19 and also allowed by organic regulations?

Review our FAQ on cleaners and sanitizers and the EPA list and search for materials on MyCCOF Materials Search. If you find the material you would like to use, be sure to follow any restrictions noted in Materials Search as well as label use instructions.

NOP Amends National List with 16 New Substances and 17 Updated Substance Use Restrictions

In late December, 2018, the National Organic Program (NOP) issued a final rule to amend the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. The rule changes the use restrictions for 17 substances allowed for organic production and/or handling, adds 16 new allowed substances, and prohibits rotenone in organic crop production and ivermectin as an allowed parasiticide.

Unknown Inputs Status Must Be Resolved or Removed From Your List

During material re-reviews, CCOF may not be able to determine the status of a material. Often this is because the manufacturer is unresponsive or the material is no longer in production. However, it is also possible that the material no longer meets organic standards.
When CCOF is unable to make a compliance determination regarding a material, it is classified as “Unknown” on your OSP-Materials List (OSP-ML).