Inspection Billing Rate Updates

CCOF evaluates inspection billing rates periodically to ensure we can provide excellent service, pay our inspectors competitive rates, and keep up with rising costs. The last increase to our inspection rates was a 10 percent increase in 2020. Travel rates have not increased since 2016, when an 11.5 percent increase was implemented. For 2023, we are raising rates 5–6 percent, which is more modest than in the past and is well below inflation since the last increase. Effective January 1, 2023, CCOF inspection billing rates will be the following:

Signature No Longer Required on Inspection Exit Interviews

We’ve removed the requirement for a signature on our Inspection Exit Interview Forms. The use of a signature was developed by CCOF, outside of the NOP regulations, and proved difficult in our fully-electronic inspection and review system. By submitting the exit interview to CCOF, our inspectors verify that the information is correct to their best knowledge. After your inspection the inspector will either leave a paper version with you or email an electronic version.


CCOF Lanza Inspecciones 100% Virtuales Durante la Pandemia de COVID-19

La certificación orgánica es parte integral del sistema agroalimentario, un servicio esencial. Durante una pandemia de salud pública con órdenes generalizadas de permanecer en casa, CCOF utilizará técnicas novedosas de inspección para continuar brindando servicios esenciales del sistema alimentario mientras se adhiere a las prácticas de distanciamiento social recomendadas por las agencias gubernamentales de salud. Todas las operaciones certificadas deben estar preparadas para inspección, deben mantener registros requeridos y deben tener un plan de sistema orgánico actualizado. 

CCOF Launching 100% Virtual Inspections During COVID-19 Pandemic

Organic certification is part of the critical infrastructure of food and agriculture, an essential service. During a public health pandemic with widespread stay-at-home orders, CCOF is using novel inspection techniques to continue providing essential food system services while adhering to social distancing practices as recommended by government health agencies. All certified operations should remain inspection-ready and maintain required records and a current organic system plan.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) CCOF Inspection Policy Update

Effective today, all CCOF organic inspections occurring in the United States are postponed with the exception of those necessary for new certifications with production within 60 days (i.e., new applications, add acreages, new facilities). Inspections for new certifications supports essential business infrastructure for our clients. These inspections may occur under the following conditions:

MyCCOF Action Item Tracker – Respond to CCOF Requests

As of March 1, 2020, only action items that require a direct response are available in MyCCOF Action Item Tracker (Tracker). This change has been implemented to streamline Tracker and make the response process easier for you. 

You may have additional guidance or requests that must be demonstrated at your next inspection that are no longer displayed in Tracker. These items still require your attention and are available on your current Compliance Report. Always refer to your Compliance Report for a complete picture of your compliance standing.

Cross-Check Audits to Detect and Deter Fraud

To ensure continued consumer trust in the integrity of the organic label, CCOF constantly looks for ways to address fraud. One method we began in 2018 is cross-check auditing of CCOF-certified operations. A cross-check is a review of audit trail records across multiple producers or handlers to compare what was reported as grown and sold as organic to what was purchased, received, or processed as organic by another operation. Cross-checks are similar to in/out mass balance.