financial assistance

Financial Assistance Available for CCOF-Certified Underserved Farmers, Ranchers, and Processors

Ensuring equitable access to organic certification is a priority for CCOF. In one strategy to level the playing field, we are introducing our financial assistance program. Specific discounts vary (see below for more details), but financial aid packages include reduced rates for new application fees, annual fees, and/or other specific certification charges. 
We want to help you be successful! Please apply for financial aid if you or your operation falls into one of the following categories: 

USDA Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Grant Program—Apply by November 28

Last month, USDA announced that up to $65 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding is available to support agricultural employers in implementing robust labor standards to promote a safe, healthy work environment for both U.S. workers and workers hired from northern Central American countries under the seasonal H-2A visa program. The program is funded by the Farm Service Agency and will be administered by the Agricultural Marketing Service and the Farm Production and Conservation Business Center.

Learn About Low-Interest Financing To Enhance Energy Efficiency of Your Farm or Business

Concerned about increased energy costs on your farm or business? You may benefit from the State of California’s GoGreen Business Energy Financing program, which offers support for small and medium-sized businesses in California to invest in energy-saving building retrofits and installations, including pump motors, refrigeration, and horticultural lighting.

Grants for Organic Transition, Apply Now!

The CCOF Foundation, in partnership with GrubMarket, supports farmers making the transition to organic agriculture practices because we know that organic production is a proven solution to climate change, economic insecurity, and health inequities. We are giving $10,000 grants to underserved small farmers in California who are transitioning to organic practices. 

Save on Your Next Compost Purchase!

Sign up for Zero Foodprint’s Compost Connector program to receive $10 off per ton on your next compost purchase of up to 550 tons from an approved facility. 

To receive your reimbursement, begin by filling out an application on Zero Foodprint's website. After signing a contract, you will gain access to an online portal where you can start a claim to reserve compost discount credits. Use code FALLCOMPOST in your claim form to unlock a $10 per ton credit. This code is valid while funding lasts. 

California Small Agricultural Business Drought and Flood Relief Grant Program—Applications Now Open!

California Small Agricultural Business Drought and Flood Relief Grant Program is providing relief to small agricultural businesses that experienced a decline in annual gross receipts or gross profits due to drought or flood conditions. 

Follow this link for Drought Relief and follow this link for the Flooding or Winter Storm Relief

Accepting applications now for both drought and flooding! 

Farmer Funding Opportunities Database - CAFF

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) has created a Farmer Funding Opportunities Database. The funding opportunities database allows farmers to easily see when grants are open for application, which on-farm activities or subjects they fund, paperwork needed for application, and more. This database will help streamline the search process for farmers without losing any time. Once in the database, farmers can view it in its entirety or use the accessible filters to narrow down the search.