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Consistency at the Farmers’ Market Helps the Bottom Line

Having a consistent display is key to running a successful farmers’ market stall. Believe it or not, when the look of the display changes or the staff running the stall switches, customers get confused. Some customers may even think it is a different farm! If your farm only attends markets seasonally, or if you have a high turnover rate in market staff, having a consistent, memorable display is even more important. 

So, how do you keep your market stall looking consistent to retain your customer base? 

Here is what I do to train my staff in market display set up. 

Get Innovative Ideas on Farm and Food Business Marketing Collaborations for COVID Pivoting


Join the CCOF Foundation on November 17 for a webinar that highlights the innovative ways farms and local food businesses like restaurants, bakeries, and candymakers have joined forces to support each other and pivot marketing in light of COVID-19 restrictions. 

Marketing Resources for Farmers that Sell at Farmers’ Markets


The CCOF Foundation’s Farmers’ Marketing: Tools for Success project is aimed at helping growers who sell at farmers’ markets finetune their marketing to increase sales and revenue. The project offers both on-line and in-person workshops for farmers and resources on organic for farmers’ market managers.

"CCOF Certified Organic" Signs are Now Double-Sided

Use our sturdy "CCOF Certified Organic" signs to promote your certified organic status at farmers' markets, organic processing facilities, your farm gate, and more, or use them as fence markers for your organic fields. Now available double-sided, you can show off your organic status from all angles! Only $40 per sign—get one while supplies last.