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Meet the Queen of Vegetables – Yadira Mendiola

This fall season, join the CCOF Foundation in honoring the dedication, triumphs, and challenges organic farmers experience when growing our food. As we begin to gather in community around various fall and winter holidays, let us all remember to thank a farmer for our delicious and healthy organic meals. 

Yadira Mendiola, Queen of Vegetables farm owner and operator, welcomed us onto her farm to experience a day in her life. 

Grants for Organic Transition, Apply Now!

The CCOF Foundation, in partnership with GrubMarket, supports farmers making the transition to organic agriculture practices because we know that organic production is a proven solution to climate change, economic insecurity, and health inequities. We are giving $10,000 grants to underserved small farmers in California who are transitioning to organic practices. 

Get Your Certification Questions Answered at Weekly, Free Organic Office Hours!

Curious about what it takes to transition your operation to organic? Or are you a newly certified producer with questions on how to stay in compliance? Just ask Jamie! 
Join weekly Zooms with organic expert Jamie Collins of Serendipity Farms. Learn about organic certification, organic system plans (OSPs), how to get certified, and more. All questions and experience levels welcome! Se habla Español.

Hawaiian Island Wildfires, CCOF Disaster Relief Funding

The CCOF Foundation offers relief funding for organic farms experiencing hardship, often due to climate disasters. When fires affect small organic farms, like the recent fires that devastated many communities on Maui and on several of the Hawaiian Islands, the CCOF Foundation is here to help. 

Please consider donating to the CCOF Foundation’s Hardship Assistance program. When we respond to climate disasters like this one, 100 percent of your donation will go directly to farmers in need.