CCOF is working with GLOBALG.A.P. to offer courses this spring and summer

As an Associate Community Member and Registered Trainer Organization of GLOBALG.A.P., CCOF is teamworking with GLOBALG.A.P. on offering various courses GLOBALG.A.P. courses this spring and summer. These include, among others: a full review of the GLOBALG.A.P. IFA GFS v6 standard, as well as a full review of the GFSI Recognized GLOBALG.A.P. Post-Harvest Facility Food Safety Certification: Produce Handling Assurance (PHA v1.2). A few courses will be offered that specifically look at the differences between commonly utilized GAP standards explicitly focused on food safety and the GLOBALG.A.P.

Call for Vintage CCOF Memorabilia, Photos, and More

As CCOF celebrates its 50th anniversary, we invite longtime members to pull out those cardboard boxes containing old CCOF photos, magazines, or documents and share them with us. We may use these materials in an archive project highlighting CCOF’s history and the organic community. 

Please note that donated materials may not be returned. If you have important photos or documents, please consider submitting high-resolution copies or scans. 


Updates to CCOF Annual Certification Fees

Thank you, CCOF members, for choosing CCOF as your certifier. We look forward to another year of growing the organic movement with you!

In 2019, CCOF conducted an in-depth fee analysis to ensure we keep costs down, make certification accessible, and remain competitive. We have a reputation for providing exceptional service and value, and we maintain these high levels by ensuring staff capacity and streamlined service.


Join CCOF for Our Virtual Annual Meeting on February 16

The CCOF Annual Meeting convenes the CCOF membership to report on progress towards our vision of a world where organic is the norm.

Mark your calendar now for this special event.

In 2021, CCOF supported organic growers through the pandemic and launched new programs such as the OCal Cannabis Certification, Regenerative Organic Certified™, and our new food safety program, PrimusGFS.


Hundreds Joined to Watch Gather with CCOF

Last month, CCOF hosted a virtual screening of the critically acclaimed film Gather, a documentary directed by Sanjay Rawal. Gather tells the stories of Native Americans in the United States reclaiming and reigniting sacred connections to food and land through the traditional teachings of their elders as political, social, and economic forces threaten their ways of life.  

Renewals are Coming

Every year, certified operations are required to submit an annual certification renewal contract and pay certification fees for the next year. In early November, we will mail your renewal package, which includes your renewal contract and annual certification fee invoice. We will also send an email with your renewal information.