Livestock producer

Can supplemental feed be given?

In addition to pasture and harvested forage, restricted amounts of organic grain-free feedstuffs such as beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, molasses, etc. can be used to balance rations. Supplemental vitamins and minerals are also allowed. Refer to the program standards for details. Note that even if a feedstuff is approved for organic production, it may not be allowed for the grass-fed program or only allowed in limited quantities.

How do organic inspections work?

The purpose of an organic inspection is to confirm that your operation meets the NOP standards and regulations both before it is certified and every year after as long as it remains certified. Inspectors do this by confirming that what you say in your application, called an Organic System Plan (OSP), is what you are doing in practice.

An excellent, low-cost resource titled Preparing for Organic Inspection, which includes checklists and other resources, is available from NCAT's Sustainable Agriculture Project.