Organic Production

Organic Seedling Production for Small Farms

Join UCSC Farm Garden Manager Christof Bernau for a webinar on organic seedling production and greenhouse efficiencies for small farms. 

This session will focus on the management of environmental conditions to optimize germination and development of high-quality transplants, with an emphasis on system efficiencies that can improve seedling quality and your bottom line. From sowing, through germination, seedling development, to hardening off and holding strategies, all seedlings life stages will be explored.  

FSMA Agricultural Production Water Requirements

Organic produce growers and food safety managers are encouraged to join the CCOF Foundation and the Western Center for Food Safety for a webinar that highlights practical guidelines on how to get ready for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) agricultural production water requirements. Topics will include how to assess irrigation water sources—such as wells, ponds, and canals—with food safety in mind, as well as best practices for agricultural water sampling.

Food Safety and Organic

Organic agricultural professionals are invited to join the CCOF Foundation and Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) for a series of webinars on how the new federal food safety regulations intersect with organic regulations. This, the third webinar in the series, will review Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) topics particularly relevant to organic growers including water, manure, compost, and wild and domestic animals.

Soil Health

Join the CCOF Foundation and the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) for a webinar on the relationship of soil health and soil organic matter in organic farming systems. 

Are you looking for the latest information on cultivating healthy, living soil? Curious about the most recent research on cover crops and tillage strategies? This webinar will present recent research on soil health, as well as detail practical applications that organic growers can use to build healthy soils on their operations. 

Holistic & Organic Livestock Management 101

Join the CCOF Foundation and Holistic Management International for an introductory webinar that explores the intersections between organic and holistic management systems for cattle operations.

Organic and Holistic Management are two approaches to sustainable livestock husbandry. This webinar will review the basic principles of both approaches for cattle ranchers. Then, explore how the two approaches can work together for cattle ranchers looking to cultivate economically and environmentally sustainable operations.