Biodynamics 101 for Growers

Join the CCOF Foundation and Demeter USA for an introductory webinar on the basics of Biodynamic agriculture for organic growers. 

Organic and Biodynamic agriculture originate from the same core concept of “the farm as an organism.” In fact, the term “organic” has its roots in the Biodynamic movement. Learn the similarities and differences between the National Organic Program and Demeter Biodynamic standards for farms. Then, hear firsthand how organic growers integrate Biodynamic practices into their farming systems.

Social Media Marketing for Farmers

Join the CCOF Foundation and Hannah Muller from Full Belly Farm for the third webinar in our Farmers’ Marketing Tools for Success series that delves into social media marketing for farms selling directly to consumers. 

Use social media platforms to grow your business! This webinar will review key considerations for developing a social media plan, such as how and what to post to target specific audiences, how to create hashtags that help increase your outreach, and how to turn followers into consumers.

Organic Seedling Production for Small Farms

Join UCSC Farm Garden Manager Christof Bernau for a webinar on organic seedling production and greenhouse efficiencies for small farms. 

This session will focus on the management of environmental conditions to optimize germination and development of high-quality transplants, with an emphasis on system efficiencies that can improve seedling quality and your bottom line. From sowing, through germination, seedling development, to hardening off and holding strategies, all seedlings life stages will be explored.  

Small Farm Food Safety Questions Demystified

Have you heard conflicting information on how the federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) applies to small produce farmers? Has a buyer asked you to be “FSMA Compliant?” Have you heard conflicting information about food safety from different people? Join the CCOF Foundation and Community Alliance with Family Farmers and the Farmers Guild (CAFF/FG) for a webinar that goes over FSMA frequently asked questions for produce growers, as well as clears up common myths and misconceptions about small farm food safety.

Assessing Crop Profitability for Farm Business Planning

Join the CCOF Foundation and Kitchen Table Advisors for the second webinar in our Farmers’ Marketing: Tools for Success series that dives into farm business planning from a crop profitability perspective. 

Understanding the profitability of each of your crops is just as important as knowing which of your markets bring in the most profit. In this webinar, you will learn the value of understanding the price-volume relationship for your crop(s) and why it’s important to know the cost of each crop.