Business/Financial Management

Social Media Marketing for Farmers

Join the CCOF Foundation and Hannah Muller from Full Belly Farm for the third webinar in our Farmers’ Marketing Tools for Success series that delves into social media marketing for farms selling directly to consumers. 

Use social media platforms to grow your business! This webinar will review key considerations for developing a social media plan, such as how and what to post to target specific audiences, how to create hashtags that help increase your outreach, and how to turn followers into consumers.

Assessing Crop Profitability for Farm Business Planning

Join the CCOF Foundation and Kitchen Table Advisors for the second webinar in our Farmers’ Marketing: Tools for Success series that dives into farm business planning from a crop profitability perspective. 

Understanding the profitability of each of your crops is just as important as knowing which of your markets bring in the most profit. In this webinar, you will learn the value of understanding the price-volume relationship for your crop(s) and why it’s important to know the cost of each crop. 

Financial Planning 101 for Farmers

To grow a successful organic farm, financial planning is just as important as crop planning! This webinar reviews the basics of financial planning for farmers. You’ll also learn about risk management tools—including crop insurance—that can help you reduce financial risk while growing your farm business.

Build your financial management toolbox! This introductory webinar will get you started (or keep you going) on the right financial track. Our speaker, Brett Melone of California FarmLink, will review:

Introduction to Organic Exports and Imports

Join the CCOF foundation for an introductory webinar on importing and exporting organic products.

Curious about the organic import and export market? Join CCOF for a webinar on the ins and outs of importing and exporting your products. CCOF staff will give an overview of the organic export market, review international organic compliance programs, and cover international organic labeling guidelines. You’ll also hear the experiences and recommendations of organic growers and handlers who import and export organic products.

Breaking into Retail

Looking to get your product into retail markets? Not sure how to do so? Join the CCOF Foundation, Donna Sky of the Love & Hummus Company, Jessica Rolph of Happy Family, and Harvindar Singh of Whole Foods Market. Learn innovative strategies for getting your product on shelves and hear a buyer’s perspective on what he looks for when purchasing products for Whole Foods Market. Gain new insight in marketing, packaging, relationship building, and achieving your goals of getting into retail!

This is an educational program of the CCOF Foundation.