Herb Walk and Talk

Learn to grow and harvest medicinal herbs in your garden in the Hay Barn at UCSC or online. Clinical herbalist Paula Grainger will share some of her favorite herbs which can be found in the UCSC Farm and Garden and which grow well in and around Santa Cruz. Learn how these herbs can be safely and effectively used to improve your and your family’s health and wellness. With hints and tips on cultivation and harvesting, Paula will also describe how you can process and preserve your herb harvest to create a herbal home apothecary you can use all year round.


Holistic Financial Planning Workshops—Learning by doing

This free workshop will help you integrate a simple-to-use, cash-based planning process into the budgeting system for your agricultural operation, business, or household. This approach will improve your quality of life, profit, and improve your land’s health and productivity too. Thousands of farmers and ranchers have benefited from this process. Learn to manage your money in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically sound in the short and long term.

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Richard King

Roses are a Celebration! Starting Right with Organic Rose Growing

New date! Roses, arguably the "Queen of Flowers," can be finicky, but persistence pays off! This class will be a lively, interactive demonstration/discussion on growing roses in the home garden. Appropriate whether you intend to grow one, 10, or 100 roses, for while scale matters, the basics are the same. Visualize yourself in your future spring/summer garden, picking and choosing color combinations from a plethora of blooms - it all starts now, in the dead of winter.

This hands-on workshop will cover:

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UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology