materials and inputs

What types of information should I send to CCOF?

This list details the most common situations that require organic processors or handlers to send information or documentation to CCOF, and what type of information you'll need to send. Read through this list and contact your Certification Service Specialist with additional questions. Use the Handler OSP Update Guide to ensure you submit all forms.

I want to change something in my Organic System Plan (OSP), what should I send?

Which crops require a 120 day pre-harvest interval when manure is applied?

Crops intended for human consumption and whose edible portion has direct contact with the soil surface or soil particles require a 120 day pre-harvest interval (PHI). A 90 day PHI is required for those crops whose edible portion does not come in contact with soil particles (i.e. orchard fruit). How the crop is grown and harvested with regards to soil contact will determine which pre-harvest interval is to be used.

How do I know if inert ingredients contained in pesticide products I use are on EPA List 4?

Most materials containing inert ingredients do not specify which list these ingredients are on. Organic production allows only EPA List 4 synthetic inerts in pesticides. Verification from the manufacturer that synthetic inert ingredients, contained in pesticides, are on List 4 is needed to demonstrate compliance. Often times manufacturers are unwilling to disclose the identity of inerts, but may be willing to confirm whether they are all on EPA List 4 or not. Approval by OMRI or an accredited certifier can also be used to demonstrate that the inerts are acceptable.

Do I need to report all my input materials to CCOF?

Yes, you are required by USDA organic requirements to report all materials you use, including fertilizers, pest control materials, processing aids, livestock health care materials, and other materials. We have made it easy for you to view the materials we have approved for your operation by listing them on your Organic System Plan (OSP) Materials List.
You can view and print your OSP Materials List from MyCCOF. Within MyCCOF, navigate to the ‘Materials’ tab to view all the products approved for your operation.