Recordkeeping Tools

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Maintaining Detailed Records

The NOP requires that all certified operations maintain detailed records. These records must fully disclose all activities and transactions, and demonstrate compliance with the regulations in sufficient detail as to be readily understood and audited. We have developed a collection of sample forms and worksheets to help you maintain compliance with organic standards, and help ensure your continued certification with CCOF.

Grower and Livestock Forms

Processor, Handler, and Retailer Affidavits and Worksheets

Audit Trail Forms

An audit trail is a collection of documents that demonstrates your recordkeeping system. These records may include, but are not limited to, planting records, invoices, purchase receipts, bills of lading, harvest records, receiving logs, weight tags, NOP certificates, etc. Your audit trail documents should demonstrate the harvest, purchase, and use of all organic products, in addition to demonstrating the quantity of finished product that was produced, shipped and sold. Inspectors will verify that audit trails are sufficient at all annual inspections.

Additional Sources for Sample Records

The NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Project provides a wealth of organic farming and processing information and sample documentation forms. Use this link to find the package that best fits your production type. Do you have a sustainable agriculture question? Get answers about specific farming practices from ATTRA. Ask an expert.

Do you need an Add Acreage Form? Add Process or Product? Private Label Affidavit? Exempt Handler Affidavit for storage facilities or an uncertified supplier? Do you need to update your OSP? Visit our Forms & Documents page. Also checkout our YouTube page for helpful videos.