Our Supporters

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Thank you to all who support organic farmers and help us grow organic.

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Thank you to the following organic champions for making our work possible! These lists are updated on a quarterly basis.

CCOF Foundation Donors

CCOF Foundation donors are individuals and organizations who make annual contributions that jumpstart a new organic farmer’s education, provide a safety net for farmers undertaking organic transition, support seasoned farmers’ success through ongoing learning and training, and give organic farmers a helping hand in hard times.

Foundation donors are an important part of the CCOF community, and we are grateful for their support for organic.

Founding Partner LEVEL


Investor LEVEL

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Wells Fargo  

Visionary Level



Organic Produce Network

The Fore Fund





Joanne S. Parker



Associated Feed & Supply Co.

Awe Sum Organics

Downing Family Fund

Duncan Family Farm

Elmer J Dreher

Farmer and the Cook

Good Earth Natural Foods

Good Eggs

Heath & Lejeune

Joe Edmonds and Linda Smith Family Foundation

Joyce Seaman

Lakeside Organic Gardens

Marilyn D Dreher

Mission Ranches

Organic Farms Fertilizers

Rich Seidman

Seed Dynamics

Sereno Group

Sun Basket

SunRidge Farms

Taylor Brothers Farms

Traditional Medicinals

Val-Mar Farms

These lists are updated on a quarterly basis.