Our Passion

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What if you could combat climate change, strengthen local economies, and improve health in our communities, all through one strategic initiative? What if we told you that organic can tackle it all?

Organic doesn’t just put nutritious food on our tables, it also transforms the way our planet and the people on it live, heal, and thrive.

The CCOF Foundation empowers organic farmers to grow organic agriculture, which in turn creates a more prosperous, resilient world. 

We invest in many different ways to grow organic, from jumpstarting a new organic farmer's education, to providing resources for farmers in transition to organic, to supporting seasoned organic professionals' success through ongoing learning and training. Combined, all of these efforts create an environment where organic can grow, expanding organic's benefits for the planet, the climate, and our communities. 

Our vision is to live in a world where organic is the norm—where all communities have access to healthy food, and food is grown in a way that helps reverse climate change and heal our planet.

Will you join us in helping farmers, our planet, and our communities thrive? Donate or partner with us.  
Want to learn more about our work? Contact us at ccoffoundation@ccof.org.

About the CCOF Foundation

CCOF was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 1973 when 13 farmers sat around a kitchen table and made a commitment to organic farming and supporting each other. This commitment evolved into an organic certification business and the CCOF Foundation, which focuses on the founders’ spirit of community support. 

Guided by the wisdom of our farming roots, we bring together the organic community to offer intentional education, financial support, and growth opportunities for organic professionals. 

Because CCOF is still governed by certified organic producers today, we design our programs to strategically target the specific roadblocks faced by organic farmers and businesses. Our focus is on meeting the unique needs of the organic community at all stages, so we can cultivate and nourish both new and existing organic businesses.