MyCCOF: Materials Search

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Materials Search

Need to add materials to your OSP? Searching for approved materials has never been easier.

With MyCCOF, you’ll never need to guess if a material has been reviewed. All CCOF internally-reviewed materials, OMRI Products List© materials, and WSDA Brand Name List materials can now be searched in one place!

  • Saving time and make certification management more efficient
  • Check the status of any reviewed material with this comprehensive list
  • Request addition of materials in your Organic System Plan (OSP) with the click of a button
  • Request OSP changes online day or night, even with a smartphone!
  • Receive updates as soon as your materials has been reviewed.
  • View all CCOF internal material review information - know what has and has not been approved in the past

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Can’t find the product you’re looking for in our Materials Search? While our list has over 11,000 brands, you may need to request use of a material that is not listed by OMRI or WSDA. We will review any non-listed material. Just submit the complete product name, including all identifying information (i.e. 4-2-3, DF, WP, etc.) and the manufacturer’s name to CCOF.

Materials can also be added to your Organic System Plan by emailing your request to or calling (831) 423-2263. Contact your Certification Service Specialist for more information.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the Washington State Department of Agriculture materials review program for their support and assistance in bringing this service to our members.

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