Food Safety Service Fees

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CCOF is committed to maintaining stable certification fees and being completely transparent about the costs of certification. Please review the CCOF GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Program Manual and the CCOF PrimusGFS Program Manual for details and guidance on the specific program's fees. For a custom quote, please email us at

PrimusGFS Fees:

CCOF strives to offer competitive prices for our PrimusGFS certifications. Contact our helpful staff at for a custom quote. Guidance on our PrimusGFS fee structure can be found in our CCOF PrimusGFS Program Manual.


Please review the CCOF GLOBALG.A.P. Program Manual and provide your operation's details to to get a custom quote.

Low Annual Food Safety Service Fees

GLOBALG.A.P. IFA and HPSS annual fees for this program are on a sliding scale based on acreage. Please see below:

Acres in Production Annual Fee
1-6 $300
7-200* $480
201-500 $640
501-2,000 $900
2,001-6,500 $1,200
6,501-12,000 $2,100
≥ 12,001 $4,200

*Greenhouses are billed annually at $480.00

This fee must be paid prior to your initial or annual inspection.



GLOBALG.A.P. Facility Registration Fee CCOF Annual Facility Fee
$200 $540

Highly Competitive Inspection Costs

CCOF maximizes our efficiencies to keep food safety inspection costs highly competitive. Low inspection rates are based on ½ day minimum - small operations typically having ½ day inspections can receive GFSI certification for as little as $1000! And remember that CCOF has very flexible payment terms.

The inspection costs vary from year to year and are based on the size and complexity of the operation and whether the operation maintains a Quality Management System (QMS). The costs for inspections are billed on a time and materials basis upon completion of the inspection.

Inspection Billing

Option 1 (single or multisite without QMS): Inspections are billed a minimum of 1 half day ($500), plus $125 per hour after the half day minimum.

Option 1 or 2 (with QMS): Inspections are billed a minimum of 1 half day ($750), plus $200 per hour after the half day minimum.

All Producers: Inspection preparation, report writing, processing of corrective actions post-inspection, and miscellaneous desk work pre- and post-inspection are billed at $55 per hour.

Travel time is billed at $44 per hour, with the first 4 hours free. Other billed expenses include travel expenses: airfare, mileage, food, lodging, etc.

For an estimation of costs, please provide your operation's details or call us at (831) 423-2263.

Additional Service Costs 

See the CCOF Certification Services Program Manual for a detailed breakdown of costs for specific services.