CCOF Certified Transitional Program

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Farming new ground? Don’t wait until the end of the three-year transition time—start your transition to organic today to ensure success and compliance with organic standards. As the demand for organic products grows, CCOF’s Certified Transitional program provides a stepping stone towards organic certification for farm operations.

Transitional certification provides recognition for your efforts to farm more sustainably during the three-year transition period. Expand your markets with this new program. Talk with your buyers to determine if they can market your CCOF Certified Transitional crops.

Apply for the CCOF Certified Transitional program now.

What is the CCOF Certified Transitional program?

As you work through your land’s three-year transition period and implement organic practices, CCOF will verify your compliance to the organic regulations helping to prepare you for full organic certification. An operation is eligible for the CCOF Certified Transitional program if:

  • The land has been free from prohibited materials for at least one year.
  • The operation is actively enrolled with CCOF under an approved Organic System Plan (OSP).
  • The USDA organic standards are met except the requirement for land to complete three years free from prohibited materials.

CCOF Certified Transitional LogoOperations may apply with CCOF at any point during the three-year transition period. Once enrolled in the program, a transitional operation will undergo annual inspection and review. Certified transitional products may not be labeled, sold, represented, or modified by the word “organic.”

Review the FAQs to see how you can label your transitional products.

Learn More About Transition

CCOF outlined the economic barriers to organic transition in a report using information gathered from focus groups of organic stakeholders.

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