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Organic Farmers Association Creates Farmer Circles To Build Community

by Guest Blogger |

The Organic Farmers Association (OFA) has launched a new Farmer Circles program as part of their racial equity initiatives. 

Farmer Circles are virtual community-building spaces where farmers can come together to share their experiences, voice challenges, and make new connections. The Circles occur every month, and there is no cost to participate. 

OFA’s Farmer Circles recognize the distinct and unique needs, values, and experiences of different farmer identities. The Circles are intended to serve as a landing pad for farmers who are thinking about organic certification, are in transition, or are looking to maintain their certification.  

The hyperlinks below are to the Facebook event links where folks can register. 

Current offerings are as follows:

Collective Farmer Circle 

(open to all)

Black Farmer Circle 

Queer Farmer Circle 

Asian Farmer Circle 

Hispanic Farmer Circle 

Translation forthcoming; this Circle will be offered in Spanish and English, whichever the farmers prefer.

Indigenous Farmer Circle

More information forthcoming.


This blog is adapted from an email written by Ryann Monteiro, MPH, CHES, 

Racial Equity Project Manager, Organic Farmers Association.

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