Organic Transition

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Fidel Lazaro, Future Organic Farmer student

The CCOF Foundation supports farmers to make the transition to organic agriculture because we know that organic agriculture is a proven solution to climate change, economic insecurity, and health inequities. 

Our organic transition programs make sure that transitioning farmers: 

  • Have the financial stability to transition. 

  • Get professional technical support for key areas (agronomy, business and financial literacy, marketing, and market development). 

  • Can access community support and mentorship to transition. 

In collaboration with our partners, we offer programs that: 

  • Provide grant funding for organic transition  

  • Provide professional technical assistance tailored to the farmers needs 

  • Support social, community, and mentorship networks for successful transition 

Together with the Rustic Canyon Family, we are pleased to announce a new opportunity for financial aid and technical assistance available to small farmers from the Latinx community in the Central Coast of California that seek to transition their land to regenerative organic production.*  

Applications for our next round of grant funding will be available starting late Fall 2021.  

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