CCOF Certification Financial Assistance Application

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CCOF offers financial assistance to food producers who are facing emergency hardship, underserved U.S. producers, limited resource operations in Mexico, schools, nonprofits, previously incarcerated individuals, 100% female or nonbinary owned operations, and veterans. 
To apply for financial assistance, please fill out our questionnaire.

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Fee waivers are available for:

  • Underserved Producers in the United States
  • Limited Resource Operations in Mexico
  • Hardship – Declared Emergency
  • Previously Incarcerated Individuals
  • 100% Female or Nonbinary Owned 
  • Schools/Nonprofits
  • Veterans
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Is your operation a nonprofit or school that offers education on organic production practices?
Do you sell organic products for a profit?

If the operation is not 100% wholly owned, provide the following information about all other owners: