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R1.0 Activities Checklist for Retailers/Restaurants

This helpful checklist directs you to only the forms applicable to your retail/restaurant activities.

R2.0 Retail Departments

Describe your retail department activities, products, labeling, signage, and suppliers.

R2.3 Organic Retail/Restaurant Facility

Describe your retail/restaurant facility locations, organizational structure, and training program.

R3.0 Restaurant/Prepared Foods

Describe your restaurant or retail prepared foods department activities, products, menu, signage, and suppliers.

R4.0 Retail/Restaurant Organic Practices

Describe your receiving, storage, preparation, display, cleaning, sanitation, and facility pest management practices.

R5.0 Record Keeping for Retail/Restaurant

Describe your system and records used to track organic products.

Retail Labeling Guide

Guide for developing retail labels.

Can I certify a single department/menu item?

Yes you can. Retail stores are often certified by department, such as produce, meat, bulk foods, prepared foods, etc. Any or all departments can be certified.

Do retailers have to be certified?

No, retail stores are not required to be certified. But they can choose to be in order to provide assurance to customers and go the extra mile to ensure that organic product integrity is maintained.

I handle both organic and conventional products at my store/restaurant, can I still be certified?

Yes you can. You will need to maintain the organic integrity of the ingredients and products by preventing commingling and contamination of organic products with any prohibited materials, such as sanitizers, pesticides, and non-organic products or ingredients. Additionally, you will need to clearly distinguish organic products from non-organic products to provide accurate information to your customers via labeling or signage.


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