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Allowed Livestock Medications

Helpful tips on allowed medications for organic livestock.

Apiculture Colony Application

Use this form, in place of the Livestock Animal Application, to describe your bee hive/colony. Submit this with your initial CCOF application or if/when you have new hives/colonies you wish to certify.

CCOF Certified Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Program OSP Addendum

Complete this OSP Addendum as part of your application for CCOF's Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Certification Program.

CCOF Grass-Fed Organic Livestock Certification Program Application

Complete this application to apply for CCOF's CCOF’s Certified Grass-Fed Organic Livestock program. Our program is open to any NOP certified organic livestock production operation, or any operation that is eligible to concurrently be certified under the NOP and the OPT program as a new application.

Certification Tips for Livestock Operations

Helpful tips for livestock operations starting out in organic certification.

Dry Matter Intake from Pasture

Use this worksheet throughout the grazing season to document the Dry Matter Intake (DMI) in each ration fed to each class of animal. Complete a new worksheet any time the ration for a class of animals changes.

Feed Type DMI Table

Use this document as a reference for average dry matter percentages for common feeds.

H2.2 Livestock Feed

Describe your organic livestock feed products. Attach labels to this form. Update this form when you add a new product.

H2.8 Temporary Livestock Management

If you hold live animals for slaughter for up to one week, tell us how you manage them.


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