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Affidavit of Input Material Composition

Clients may use this form for single ingredient input materials when they have knowledge of the material’s composition, such as straw, wood chips, and raw manure.

CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service

Use to register for CCOF's OSP Walk-Through Service, a comprehensive and complete overview of certification for your staff. CCOF provides time to meet with our staff and learn how to use our systems to improve your user experience.

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Formato de Petición Para Examinar un Material

Clientes de CCOF pueden usar este formato para pedir la revisión de un material (como un fertilizante o pesticida) que no está en la lista vigente de materiales aprobados publicada por OMRI, ni en la lista publicada por WSDA.

Material Review Request

Guía de Materiales

Se usa este guía para determinar si es permitido usar un material de insumo en la producción orgánica.

Materials Guide

Material Composition Affidavit – Livestock Feed

Used by CCOF clients and manufacturers to document compliance for livestock feed ingredients.

Material Review Request

For CCOF clients to request CCOF review of materials (fertilizers/pesticides) that do not appear on the OMRI or WSDA allowed material lists.

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Materials Guide

An easy guide to materials approval and keeping your materials up to date.

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Natural Flavor Affidavit

Use this affidavit for any nonorganic flavor you would like to use in your certified organic products. Please forward this affidavit to your flavor manufacturer as they must fill out and sign the form.

Nonorganic Agricultural Affidavit

Upon request by CCOF, submit one affidavit for each nonorganic agricultural material used in your 70-95% "made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s))" product. Forward this affidavit to the material manufacturer. They must complete and sign this form.

Nonorganic Processing Material Affidavit

Used by CCOF clients and manufacturers to document GMO, irradiation, and sewage sludge compliance for nonorganic materials (ingredients, processing aids, additives, etc.)


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