Saving You Money: EU Program Disappearing

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Date Published: 
June 26, 2014

Many CCOF operations are enrolled in a program they do not need. CCOF is saving 600+ operations $125 each during the 2015 renewal by processing this withdrawal internally.

Why? After reviewing our records we discovered that 600+ CCOF growers have not withdrawn from the US/EU Equivalency status under CCOF’s Global Market Access program, even though they no longer require the program. The historic US/EU Equivalency Arrangement, that CCOF worked directly to help achieve, requires that you enroll only if you:

  • Export CCOF certified organic products to the EU from the United States
  • Design labels for products that will be sold in the EU
  • Grow apples or pears, or make products containing apples or pears, that are exported or used in products exported to the EU
  • Produce wine that may be exported to the EU

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