Santa Cruz Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2019-2020

Permaculture is an ethically based whole-systems design approach that uses concepts, principles, and methods derived from ecosystems, nature connected communities, and other time-tested systems to create human settlements and institutions. It’s also been called “saving the planet while throwing a better party.” 
The Santa Cruz Permaculture Design Certificate course includes the internationally recognized 72-hour curriculum, augmented by an additional 38-hours of hands on practice and field trips. The class meets one weekend per month for six months, October to March. Plus, folks have the option to camp on site each weekend and build community around the fire!
This course brings in leading designers and teachers from around the region, each an expert in different areas of permaculture. The Santa Cruz Permaculture network of instructors, alumni, community partners, and resources continues to grow each season, and by participating in the course, you become part of this network!
Additionally, course participants work in teams throughout the six month program to design a holistic permaculture plan for a real-life property in the community. The hands-on learning, workshops, and readings throughout the course prepare students with knowledge and whole systems thinking strategies that allow them to create detailed and thoughtful design projects.
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