Remove Unused Materials Today to Help CCOF Serve You

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Date Published: 
July 17, 2017

CCOF must periodically review materials to ensure that they have not changed formulation and continue to be appropriate for use in organic production. You can help CCOF reduce costs and wasted effort by removing materials from your OSP that you no longer use or do not plan to use.

Of the thousands of materials subject to re-review in 2017 or 2018, the majority are only included in the Organic System Plans of one or two operations. If the material is not in use, we may re-review for no reason and with no benefit to you, instead of meeting your needs in other ways. Removing unnecessary materials will also help inspections be more efficient.

Here’s how to remove materials:
1) Use MyCCOF:
Login to MyCCOF and click “Materials.”
Then, check the box to the left of each material you no longer need listed and click “Remove highlighted materials.” 
2) Email with any/all materials you would like removed. 
3) Communicate to your Certification Services Specialist, who is identified on most documents/reports you receive from CCOF. 
CCOF recently communicated with all clients that have a material on their list that is subject to re-review. Taking a moment to remove all unnecessary materials, particularly ones you were contacted about, is a great way to help us maintain service levels to you and other clients. With nearly 7,000 materials on file reviewed by CCOF, we want to focus our efforts where they are most impactful. Your help and support is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you for your help.