Program Manual Updates

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Date Published: 
June 26, 2014

CCOF has recently revised important sections of the CCOF Certification Program Manual.

These changes include the following:

  • Updated accreditation body to the Committee on Accreditation for Evaluation of Quality (CAEQ) for the CCOF Canada Organic Regime and EU International Standard Programs, and ISO 17065 (formerly ISO Guide 65).
  • Clearer identification of mediation processes and the criteria for accepting mediation to adverse actions.
  • Updated fee structure.
  • Clarified information about which certification information is deemed public.
  • Clarified processes and expenses for bulk certificate and/or residue testing result requests. Requests for 10 or more documents may incur processing or other charges, at $10/document or result requested, or $60 per hour.
  • Updated processes for additional locations, to come into compliance with NOP Instruction Document 4009
  • Improved description of the CCOF Contract Partner Program, which can be used to meet client business needs when working with suppliers seeking certification in partnership with CCOF clients. This program allows the CCOF client to maintain involvement in their supplier’s certification and achieve reduced certification costs.