Organic Produce Network Donates $50,000 to CCOF Foundation to Help

Gift Presented to Kick Off First Annual Organic Grower Summit

(January 25, 2018) Santa Cruz, CA – The Organic Produce Network (OPN) and the CCOF Foundation are pleased to announce OPN’s $50,000 donation to the CCOF Foundation. OPN presented the gift at the CCOF Foundation’s We Are Organic dinner at the inaugural Organic Grower Summit on December 13 in Monterey, California.

Matt Seeley (Left) and Tonya Antle (Center) of the Organic Produce Network present CCOF Foundation Chair Allen Harthorn (Center) and Cathy Calfo (Right) with donation for CCOF Foundation at the Organic Grower Summit We Are Organic dinner in Monterey, Ca
OPN’s donation will support the CCOF Foundation’s programs that invest in new organic farmers and businesses and build consumer demand for organic:
˃ The Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund distributes grants to students and teachers across the United States to fund studies in organic agriculture.
˃ The Organic Training Institute provides educational events that help current and prospective organic professionals improve and grow their operations.
˃ The Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund gives direct financial assistance exclusively to organic producers, processors, and handlers who suffer losses due to extreme hardship.
˃ Consumer education campaigns that help inform consumers about the importance of certified organic products.
The We Are Organic dinner brought together more than 100 supporters of the CCOF Foundation and the community’s collective work to advance organic agriculture. Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture Karen Ross spoke about the importance of organic agriculture to California and the nation’s economy. Dinner guests also had a chance to hear from two of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund recipients, David Robles and Pascal Brooks.
The dinner set the tone for an exciting first Organic Grower Summit the following day. More than 800 leaders in organic agriculture attended the summit to hear from experts on topics ranging from cannabis regulation to investment in the organic market. The day was capped off with a sold-out trade show that connected organic growers with a range of service providers.
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About CCOF
CCOF advances organic agriculture for a healthy world. We advocate on behalf of our members for organic policies, support the growth of organic through education and grants, and provide organic certification that is personal and accessible.
CCOF is a nonprofit organization governed by the people who grow and make our food. Founded in California more than 40 years ago, today our roots span the breadth of North America and our presence is internationally recognized. We are supported by an organic family of farmers, ranchers, processors, retailers, consumers, and policymakers. Together, we work to realize a future where organic is the norm.
The CCOF Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization working to increase the supply of organic in the United States through education and hardship grants, technical assistance to organic and prospective organic producers, and consumer education.
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