CCOF Offers Food Safety Solutions Tailored to Organic Operations

(November 30, 2015) Santa Cruz, CA – The leading organic certifier in North America since 1973, CCOF now also provides food safety services by offering GLOBALG.A.P. certification and assessments to its members. These services meet the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and will prepare farmers to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

With CCOF’s Food Safety Services in only its second year, many organic farming operations have already joined with CCOF to achieve food safety certification. With demand high for these services, CCOF expects to double its food safety certified operations in 2016. The reason for this demand is simple: working with CCOF is the most cost-effective solution for organic operations.

With the infrastructure already in place to conduct detailed, field-level inspections, CCOF can provide a fair and cost effective service to organic operations. With a long history in organic, CCOF brings an important perspective to the food safety arena.

“We’re the natural first choice for organic farmers,” says Jake Lewin, President of CCOF Certification Services, LLC, “because they trust us and know we approach everything with a high level of diligence and integrity.”

CCOF has always been focused on addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by organic operations. The organization is currently working with retail partners to build an assessment-based stepping stone that helps organic operations reach full GFSI compliant certification, in addition to offering frequent food safety trainings throughout the agricultural areas that they serve.

“We’re offering this certification not for profit,” says Lewin, “but to improve the services we already provide to organic farmers and to improve organic certification nationwide.”

CCOF also offers food safety trainings that are conducted by a food safety inspector on a regular basis to familiarize growers and produce handlers with GFSI standards The comprehensive trainings teach the key elements for building a food safety plan, including how to create the necessary documents, how to train personnel in food safety, and how to successfully host a food safety audit.

CCOF has over 40 years of experience working directly with farmers and producers, guiding them through the steps of organic certification and ensuring that they meet all required standards for organic. The organization applies the same principles from their established organic certification program to their food safety program, helping organic growers access new markets. The end result brings more organic food to everyone’s table, increasing access to healthy, organic food nationwide.

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