CCOF’s "Organic is Non-GMO & More" Label Makes a Splash in the Food Industry

(September 14, 2015) Santa Cruz, CA – Organic products from CCOF members bearing an “Organic is Non-GMO & More” label have started hitting the shelves in grocery stores across the country, including national chains like Costco and Whole Foods. In a marketplace where consumers want to know more about the food they’re purchasing, the organic seal is able to answer many of those concerns. Not only are certified organic products environmentally friendly, promote biodiversity, and prohibit the use of antibiotics and growth hormones, but they are also non-GMO.

Earlier this year, CCOF made the announcement that CCOF members could start labeling their products with an “Organic is Non-GMO & More” seal. With so many different eco-labels to choose from, making smart decisions about food has become increasingly overwhelming for consumers. By clarifying another of the many benefits of certified organic food production, the “Organic is Non-GMO & More” label simplifies the process for grocery shoppers when trying to understand the ingredients in the food they purchase.

Lundberg Family Farms has added the new seal to seven of their products so far, with at least another seven hitting the market in 2016. “At Lundberg Family Farms, we recognize the importance of a natural environment and purity of the foods we eat,” explains Grant Lundberg, CEO of Lundberg Family Farms. “We want our consumers to understand where their food comes from so they can make educated choices. Our labels help us do just that. We are proud to display the ‘Organic is Non-GMO & More’ logo on our new entrees, snacks, packaged rice, and grains, and plan to include it on all new products in the future.”

Hodo Soy also started using the seal on their packaging to educate their customers. Hodo Soy’s Regional Account Specialist Henry Hsu explains, “We find that consumers have been confused with what USDA Organic means or what certified organic entails, so when CCOF offered this new logo, we immediately decided that we wanted to have this information on our packaging. It helps to clarify [the meaning of organic] and educate our customers for us, and we're happy to have the additional help.”

The seal is available for use by CCOF’s certified organic members. It is another example of the tools CCOF continues to develop that help its members market their organic products. Hodo Soy – like many other CCOF members – has labeled all their products with the “Organic is Non-GMO & More” seal. “We love having it,” says Hsu. “It helps us rest at ease, knowing our customers will have accurate information about our ingredient sourcing.”

To learn more about the “Organic is Non-GMO & More” seal, visit Organic operations interested in labeling their products with the seal can learn more about receiving organic certification from CCOF at

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