New Organic Equivalency Agreements with Taiwan

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Date Published: 
June 16, 2020
The United States and Taiwan have signed a new organic equivalence arrangement, effective May 30, 2020. This equivalency allows USDA National Organic Program organic and Taiwan organic products that are grown or produced or have their final processing or packaging in the United States or Taiwan to be sold as organic in either market. This eliminates the need for organic operators to have separate organic certifications to the United States and Taiwan standards, which avoids a double set of fees, inspections, and paperwork.
The arrangement paves the way for the expansion of existing fresh fruit, vegetable, and processed food trade and provides new market access opportunities for organic livestock and other products. It also allows U.S.-based organic food processors to source Taiwan certified organic ingredients, increasing the range of organic products available to consumers.
Taiwan is the fifth largest export market for U.S. organic products, with sales approaching $92 million in 2019 and is forecasted to grow by almost 50 percent over the next five years, based on Organic Trade Association and USDA analyses. 
The U.S. currently maintains organic equivalence arrangements with Canada, the EU, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland.
Canada and Taiwan have signed an interim organic equivalence arrangement, effective May 30, 2020. For one year, the Canada-Taiwan Organic Equivalency Arrangement means certain organic products may be sold as organic in Canada or Taiwan while the equivalency of the organic production and certification systems are finalized. This arrangement supports ongoing Government of Canada initiatives to eliminate trade barriers and increase consumer access to organic foods that meet Canadian organic standards.
The interim arrangement applies to agricultural and processed products of plant origin, livestock and livestock products, and aquaculture products. This includes products grown or produced within either territory or whose final processing or packaging occurs within either territory.
Canada currently maintains organic equivalence arrangements with the United States, the EU, Japan, Switzerland, and Costa Rica. 
For further information, email or visit the USDA Taiwan website or CFIA Taiwan website