MyCCOF Improvements

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Date Published: 
June 19, 2017
Additional tools have been added to the MyCCOF dashboard to make it easier than ever to get all your certification and inspection information in one place. You can now see your account status right from your dashboard, along with your inspector’s contact information, listed right next to your inspection information. 
We’ve also added a new field to Action Item Tracker (beta) called Requirement, to match the fields available on your Compliance Report. Finally, you’ll notice the Action Item tab has been removed, leaving only Action Item Tracker (beta). You can now see all open and closed action items and updates from your operation in that single tab! To view items you’ve sent to CCOF, navigate to the All Action Items subtab. Once there, you can also see all of your closed action items by clicking the “Show/hide closed action items” button. 
Visit the Action Item Tracker (beta) FAQ for additional instructions on using the tool.