Streamline Your Recordkeeping Paperwork: Recordkeeping for Organic Processors and Handlers (Part 2)

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Event Date
June 06, 2017

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Join the CCOF Foundation for a webinar on recordkeeping for organic processors and handlers.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the paperwork side of being an organic processor? Does tracking this paperwork make you not want to get certified or make you think about dropping your certification? Learn how to set up a streamlined recordkeeping system for your unique handling or processing operation, while meeting organic compliance requirements and building good business practices. Once you create such a system, recordkeeping no longer acts as an obstacle to reaping the benefits of the organic marketplace. This webinar is ideal for small- to mid-sized organic processors and handlers looking to improve their recordkeeping systems.

Keeping records to comply with USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards does not need to be laborious! It is possible at any size to maintain an easy-to-use system that accurately tracks your organic products. This webinar will assist you in developing a physical or digital recordkeeping system for your operation that supports compliance with NOP standards for certified organic handlers and processors. Webinar presenter Ellen Roggemann will review NOP recordkeeping requirements. Then, she will lay a framework for how to set up recordkeeping systems that integrate into organic handling and processing practices. Example forms and templates will be included to help make your recordkeeping easier and more complete.

About Our Speaker

Ellen Roggemann works to create organic recordkeeping solutions with organic growers, processors, and co-packers through She is passionate about simplifying organic recordkeeping so that her clients can easefully focus on what they love to make or grow while having a certification that lets their customers know what they stand for. While working as the organic compliance specialist and project manager at McEvoy Ranch for both their handler (olive oil, jams, and body care) and grower (wild crafting, gardens, and orchards) operations, Roggemann built organic recordkeeping systems from scratch, as well as updated recordkeeping systems that needed additional functionality. An urban environmental policy graduate from Occidental College, Roggemann is a frequent speaker at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, the Food Craft Institute, and Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA).