Biodynamics 101 for Growers

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Event Date
June 06, 2020

Join the CCOF Foundation and Demeter USA for an introductory webinar on the basics of Biodynamic agriculture for organic growers. 

Organic and Biodynamic agriculture originate from the same core concept of “the farm as an organism.” In fact, the term “organic” has its roots in the Biodynamic movement. Learn the similarities and differences between the National Organic Program and Demeter Biodynamic standards for farms. Then, hear firsthand how organic growers integrate Biodynamic practices into their farming systems.

Rudy Marchesi and Evrett Lunquist from Demeter USA will review the key concepts of Biodynamic agriculture. Learn more about the intertwined nature of organic and Biodynamic agriculture and what’s involved in obtaining a biodynamic certification. Then, get an overview of the key tenets, or chapters, of Biodynamic agriculture, including biodiversity, on-farm fertility, waterway conservation, and biodynamic preparations. Marchesi and Lunquist will also share their experience on how they integrate both organic and Biodynamic practices on their farms.

About Our Speakers

Rudy Marchesi is a partner and past president of Montinore Estate in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Marchesi is a first-generation Italian American from a family of farmers originating in Lombardia. He has been growing grapes and making wine since the early 1970s. In search of wine’s “Holy Grail,” he arrived in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in 1998 to consult for and eventually purchase Montinore Estate, where he converted the farm to certified organic and Biodynamic and has become a leader in Oregon’s Biodynamic community. Marchesi serves as chairman of the Demeter Association board of directors. 

Evrett Lunquist serves as certification director at the Demeter Association. He has managed a diverse Biodynamic produce farm integrated with livestock in southeast Nebraska with his wife and kids since 1996. In 2001, Lunquist expanded the scope of his involvement with Biodynamics by becoming an inspector for Demeter USA. In addition to inspecting biodynamic farms and processors, Lunquist has served as an inspector for numerous organic certifiers and has extensive inspection training from the International Organic Inspectors Association. He brings to his work a passion for farming, high quality food and its preparation, and educating others about organic and Biodynamic practices.


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