Intensive Grazing Prior to Harvest Intervals

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Date Published: 
May 13, 2015

Effective June 1, 2015, CCOF will require that orchards and other crops no longer utilize intensive grazing within 90 days of harvest of a crop where the edible portion does not touch soil or soil particles. This interpretation of existing raw manure restrictions is being phased in during 2015—with an expectation that growers update their practices and organic system plans by June 1, 2015—to ensure compliance during the 2015 production year and beyond.

This policy pertains to the regular or planned grazing of animals, and not to accidental or incidental manure from unplanned events such as pets or wildlife. CCOF is working to balance integrated cropping systems with National Organic Program (NOP) section 205.203(c) and emerging food safety concerns, inquiries, and other communication we’ve received. We would like to understand your specific situation, mitigation measure, and perspective on these requirements. Please contact Jake Lewin, President of CCOF Certification Services, at to tell us more.