Herbs for Stress, Stamina, Sleep, & Relaxation

CCOF staff are working remotely and the CCOF office in Santa Cruz, California is temporarily closed to the public to help keep our staff and community safe from COVID-19. Response times may be slower than usual. We are still accepting new applications. Learn more.
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Join two seasoned herbalists to discover tools and techniques to help you thrive in a busy world. With nearly forty years of combined experience, Darren Huckle and Paula Grainger will introduce herbal allies to help you find balance and health in our challenging modern world.
In this practical and fun class, participants will learn how to make, source, and use many herbal medicines. We will cover herb categories including Adaptogens, Calmatives/Sedatives, Aromatics, Qi Tonics, and Harmonizers that can be grown in our gardens or sourced locally. We will also discuss the crucial role diet and nutrition play in promoting our vitality, immunity, and resilience to stress.
Whether you are interested in herbal medicine and want to begin your journey or are just looking for natural ways to support your energy and nervous system, relax more, and sleep better, this class will teach you an abundance of tools that you will use for decades to come.

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