Growing Opportunity: Farm Finance Expo

One-Stop Shopping for Ag Loans and Resources for Financing Your Farm or Ranch!
The event builds on the success of our popular Farm Finance Expos held around the state. It provides an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to:
Meet Local Ag Lenders and Explore Financing Options
Take steps to Build your Farm or Ranch Business Success
Manage Your Farm’s Finances (Instead of Your Finances Managing You)
Event will be available in English, Hmong and Spanish and will feature two workshop tracks to cater to beginning and experienced farm businesses. Panels and workshops will include lenders, farmers and trainers who will discuss agricultural loans; Farm financial planning; demystifying debt; scaling up with confidence; purchasing and selling and offer interactive activities.
Don’t under-invest in the future of your farm or ranch! Learn about and compare options. Gain access to the best possible financing to support your success. This event will take place the day after the CCOF Annual Meeting and Conference in Fresno, so stick around and join us!

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