Is the Stellar Certification name and logo a valid organic certification seal?

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In July 2018, CCOF, Stellar and Demeter announced a partnership to allow organic operations certified by Stellar Certification Services to easily transition their certification to CCOF Certification Services, LLC. On July 31, 2018, Stellar Certification Services ceased to certify organic operations. Stellar is the organic certification sister organization of Demeter USA, the U.S.’ biodynamic certification organization.

Under the partnership, CCOF is licensing Stellar’s name and logo, which will become a recognized seal and certifier identification under CCOF until December 31, 2021. After this date, operations will be required to identify CCOF on labels. This allows operations far greater flexibility regarding how quickly they update their labels to identify CCOF. Upon certification by CCOF, any Stellar certified operation may choose to use the CCOF name or seal and has access to CCOF’s innovative “Organic is Non-GMO and More” seal. Learn more about the partnership.

Stellar Certification Seal