Should I inform CCOF if I am moving my operation to a new address?

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Yes! Always submit changes that may affect compliance to CCOF for review. Changes to your facility location may require an update to your OSP and an additional inspection.

If your address is changing because your office or billing location has changed, simply complete the Equipment, Facility or Address Change Form and confirm that no organic storage, processing, or packaging occurs there.

If your address is changing because you are moving to a new facility where organic storage, processing, or packaging occurs, allow 2-3 months for review of the new facility. Review the instructions in the Equipment, Facility or Address Change Form and update your OSP to reflect any changes to your site plan, processes, materials, and products. New facilities will likely require an additional inspection. Products processed in locations prior to an inspection may not be sold as organic until a certification decision has been made by CCOF. Upon review of your update you will be charged an add/change facility fee, if applicable, as described in the Certification Services Program Manual.

You'll need the following forms for your new processing facility location:

If you will produce new products, also complete the following:

If there has been a change to your organic business that resulted in a new Tax ID, business structure, or owner, submit the Business Change Application.