Where can I buy potting soil for organic gardening?

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Potting soil, soil amendments, fertilizers, and pesticides/herbicides are not certified organic. These types of products are “approved for organic production” by agencies like the Organic Materials Review Institute or Washington State Department of Agriculture, who certify products to be allowed for use in organic production. Each product or material is scrutinized by an independent organization like OMRI to ensure that it meets standards for organic production and includes approved ingredients. These products are marked by a seal or logo, such as the OMRI seal. We recommend contacting your local garden center and requesting OMRI-listed or WSDA-approved soil amendments and fertilizers for your home garden. You can also search the OMRI site by type of product, or product/company name (such as “potting soil” or “gardner & bloome”) to determine if it has been approved for organic.

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